Tuesday, December 2, 2008

just chillin'

Good day fellow chillers. How are you today??? I am just chillin' with my family. Today was fun at school!! Daddy provided helium tanks from his job and my mom blew up the balloons. We tied papers to them and let them go. The note said to call the number once they found the balloon.(We are studying weather.) The person who's balloon goes farthest, gets a random prize!!! ms. Franz' class rox!!!

Friday, November 28, 2008

welcome peeps!!

Welcome fellow chillers. I have just made my blog and hope some of you can help me populate the "chill zone". I am SO happy I have a blog!! Anyway, today, I spent most of the day at my grandma and grandpa's house while my parents went shopping WITHOUT ME!!! I am sure they had absolutely no fun 'cuz I wasn't there!! =-) Fellow people of America, I assume you all know about black Friday. well, since some don't, I'll explain.........

Black Friday is the day after thanksgiving, when all the shoppers camp out near the store selling the latest hit electronic, or some people get up around 3:00 A.M. and go to the sales. You may have the mental image of black Friday, now, let me explain how our family does it!!!! =)!!!!!!

we go to the stores and do the strangest stuff!! Last black Friday, they went in wigs and walked around the mall!!!! LOL!!!!!!!!!!!!! this year, though, they went around stores and did the fart machine!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Now, comment on the blog saying that your family is as cool as mine!!!!!
At the end of each blog, I will put a challenge and if you do it, comment on my blog and I will say everyone that did it in my next blog!!!!!! now, your challenge is to go to a store in slippers, pajamas and a robe!!!! hey lol it will be fun!!